Current Projects

BLOOM (Black girls Living Out Our Meaning) CURRICULUM


The BLOOM curriculum was developed for Black girls grades 7-12 based on the work of our white paper on Black girls health written in partnership with TrueChild.  BLOOM is an evidence based curriculum designed to improve attitudes and behaviors associated with self-esteem/confidence building, unhealthy relationships and other health outcomes.  The content incorporates gender specific and culturally tailored materials and exercises.  It is accompanied by a facilitation book and trauma informed guide. 


The curriculum was piloted and evaluated for efficacy at several community based programs.  We are currently working on developing strategies to disseminate the curriculum on a larger scale.  Email us through the contact us page for more information about BLOOM.

Project REACH

Project REACH (Re-Entry And Concerns for Health) is an indepth interview study of heterosexual Black men ages 18-25 with a recent history of incarceration. The study funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) describes how social influences such as peers, family and community members impact the sexual behavior (abstinence, HIV prevention, sexual risk) of young heterosexual Black men soon after release from jail/prison. 


The goal is to help inform HIV prevention efforts to be better tailored to the lived experiences and contexts of this population. We are currently analyzing the results of this study and preparing presentations and manuscriptsEmail us through the contact us page for more information about Project REACH.  Click to see a list of our