Lab Members

Y-Heart includes a team of dedicated students and individuals. Here is a list of former and current members.

Venezah St. Louis

Class of 2017

I was a psychology major at St. John's University. I assisted with coding qualitative interviews examining incarceration stigma and racial discrimination experiences of formally incarcerated Black men.  I am beginning a Masters in Social Work degree and would like to work within the juvenile justice system. With this experience, I hope to become involved with public policy that concerns incarceration and psychology .

Maura Francis

Doctoral Student

I am a student in the Clinical Psychology Doctoral Program at St. John's University. I assisted in the coding of qualitative interviews examining incarceration stigma and racial discrimination experiences of formally incarcerated Black men. My ultimate goal after graduation is to clinically work with at-risk populations in under-served communities and help create many resources within those communities to ensure success. To obtain this goal, I also hope to create non-traditional prevention intervention therapies through research.

Carla Cruz

Class of 2013

I was a major in Psychology and a minor in Sociology at St. John's. I worked on the Child Bereavement
project coding qualitative data. My research interests include the psychology of bilingual students, parent involvement in schools, and academic achievement among Latino immigrants. I'm currently working full time at the Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center. I'm working as a Social Work Assistant/Care Coordinator for one of New York State's Health Homes, which "offers coordinated care to individuals with multiple chronic health conditions, including mental health and substance use disorders." I am also attending Lehman College completing pre-requisites for a nursing program.

Irene Orejudos

Class of 2014

I was a McNair scholar majoring in Psychology at St. John’s University. I was given the Rev. John B Murray Award which is given to a senior Psychology major with a record of academic excellence, research, and service. As part of the lab, I worked on planning the BEATS IMPACT conference and assisted with Project R.E.A.C.H. I am attending New York University to obtain my Masters in Public Health. I am currently in my second year, concentrating on Community & International Health. I went abroad to Geneva, Switzerland for an international health policy course. I also began an internship at Columbia University's Department of Epidemiology on an exploratory study of drug user health-related internet and mobile technology use.

Rose Aka

Class of 2014

I was Psychology major with a double minor in Women/Gender and Africana studies. I started working in the lab my sophomore year. I assisted with recruitment, codebook development, and coding qualitative data for the BEATS project and Project REACH. My interests include cultural, health and social psychology and the ways in which they influence health behavior, decision-making, and promotion in relation to HIV/AIDS particularly among women in developing countries. I previously worked as a research assistant at the  Brown University School of Public Health on several studies analyzing behavior therapy sessions for individuals who have HIV or are at risk for developing the virus. I am currently a first year student in the Cross Continental Masters of Public Health program at New York University.

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Y. Marcia Glasgow, MPH

Project Director

I began working with Dr. Wallace in 2007 as a Project Coordinator of the BEATS Project after I graduated with my Master’s in Public Health from New York University.  As my interests and duties developed, I became a Project Director of the study.  In 2012 my role as Project Director ended but I was fortunate to develop valuable research related skills- protocol writing, applying qualitative and quantitative methods, data analysis and interpretation.  I acquired strong communication skills by writing abstracts, funding proposals, manuscripts, and presenting at conferences.   I am currently a Health Promotor at WellFort Community Health Services in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.   My interests include addressing behaviors that place Black youth and young adults at risk for contracting HIV/AIDS and sexually transmitted infections, promoting healthy sexual behaviors and developing sustainable partnerships between community members and established institutions.

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Kailyn Lynch

Class of 2016

I was a Psychology major at St. John's and a McNair Scholar.   I assisted with qualitative coding for Project REACH.  I was also involved in the Heinz girls health project.   I am attending graduate school to obtain my Masters in Counseling at NYU.

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Kathryn Rhindress, Ph.D.

Former Doctoral Student

I was a doctoral student in the Clinical Psychology Ph.D. program at St. John’s University. During my time as a member of the lab, I coordinated the quantitative portion of the BEATS project, including data collection, developing the A-CASI survey, and data analysis. My research interests include schizophrenia and its physiological effects on the brain throughout different stages of development. I completed my clinical internship at Maimonides Medical Center. I am currently a post-doc in the Psychiatry Research Department at the Zucker Hillside Hospital-Long Island Jewish Medical Center, and am primarily working on a study that is investigating how social cognition processes are affected in schizophrenia-spectrum disorders, and how these effects might be influenced by individuals' neuro-anatomical structures.

Leah Bonilla, M.A.

Class of 2013

I was a double major in Psychology and Sociology at St. John’s University. I assisted with recruitment and coding qualitative data for the BEATS project. My research interests include African American psychology and factors associated with achievement motivation in minority adolescent populations. I am currently a doctoral student in the School Psychology program at the University of South Florida, specializing in school-based mental health. I currently work as a mental health counselor in the Hillsborough County School District providing services to middle and high school students.

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Juliann King

Class of 2014

I was a Psychology major with a minor in Sociology at St John's University. In the lab. I worked on analyzing qualitative data for the Child Bereavement project and assisted with the APA BET partnership.  I feel that my work with Dr. Wallace over the past year has helped to reassure me that I am pursuing a career that I am truly passionate about. My research interests include African American psychology and other underrepresented minorities, including body image and self esteem within the African American community.  I am currently attending the Master's in Mental Health Counseling program at Fordham University.

Jayme Thomas

Class of 2014

I was a Psychology major and Photography minor at St. John's University. I worked in the lab on the APA BET partnership, specifically facilitating the youth advisory board. I was the lead designer of the lab website. My research interests are African American adolescents, Sports Psychology, and Children/ Adolescent Psychology. My future plans consist of owning my own practice. I am currently a student in the Masters in Counseling program at Barry University, Florida. I am also a Team Leader for AmeriCorps.

Sloan Strike

Doctorial Student

I was a graduate student in the Clinical Psychology Doctoral program.  I lead the coding and analysis for Project REACH.  I also assisted with the APA BET Partnerhsip. I am completing my Psychology internship and interested in mental illness and trauma in emerging adults.

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